I’m Anand

I explore ideas and solve problems using design + code. I love the art of creating digital products that engage and empower.

My background is in engineering and marketing. I have a passion for technology, visual arts, and digital communication.

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I am excited about

I can help with

  • strategic product vision
  • product/market fit
  • user engagement
  • growth

I welcome the opportunity to share & collaborate.

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my product philosophy

Great products are not born. They are engineered.

Developing amazing products with engaging experiences is a process that requires quick yet strategic thinking, constant feedback, and commitment to a shared vision.

  • 01

    I believe in customer development. I maintain the voice of the customer throughout the product development process either through advocacy or collaboration.

  • 02

    I believe in lean principles. I work within the build-measure-learn feedback loop to rapidly iterate and achieve progressive product maturation.

  • 03

    I believe in outcome over output. I measure success through customer impact over features shipped or lines of code written.

  • 04

    I believe in data-informed decision making. Data is critical to developing insights but product design should be influenced by more than just data.

  • 05

    I believe in collaboration. I get internal and external stakeholders invested by inviting them to participate in the product development process.

  • 06

    I believe in the occasional risk. When the opportunity is there I’m not afraid to take a chance to make a bigger impact.

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What I Do

I can wear multiple hats

I have extensive experience working with a variety of business models and in varying roles. I can bring leadership to critical areas of product management such as engineering, user experience, growth marketing, and business operations.