I have worked with a variety of organizations from pre-product startups to large companies. Below is a select list of what I have worked on.

  • Lean Canvas
    Lean Canvasright arrow
  • Customer Survey
    Customer Surveyright arrow
  • Wifreframe & User Flow
    Wifreframe & User Flowright arrow
  • High-fidelity Prototype
    High-fidelity Prototyperight arrow
  • A/B Testing
    A/B Testingright arrow
  • Session Analysis
    Session Analysisright arrow
  • >Marketing Automation Workflow
    Drip Workflowright arrow
  • Funnel Optimization
    Funnel Optimizationright arrow
  • Prioitization Matrix
    Prioitization Matrixright arrow
  • Product Roadmap
    Product Roadmapright arrow